The passportization of pharmacy chains includes the summary information for each pharmacy chain (we consider the number of pharmacies from 3+ concentrated in the hands of one owner as a pharmacy chain; large chains may have more than one founder) containing the data on the manager, brand or brands under which pharmacies function, a list of legal entities that make up the chain, with mention of their INN, as well as quantitative indicators:

  •  revenue from VAT for any month starting from 2014
  •  sales growth by the same period of the last year as a percentage
  •  number of pharmacies
  •  number of SKUs sold in the pharmacy chain
  •  share of the chain in the RF turnover,
  •  percentage ratio within the product line-up: Supplements / Medicinal products / Non-medicinal products,
  •  RX / OTC sales structure,
  •  geographyofthechain (number of regions in which the pharmacy chainis represented), etc.