About company

The company AlphaRM specializes in providing and creating the analytical databases on all segments of the Russian pharmaceutical market, as well as various types of marketing research of the Russian pharmaceutical market.

Within the above projects, AlphaRM has information on the volume of drug purchases by pharmacies (sell-in), retail sales from pharmacy outlets (sell-out), government purchases of medicinal products, shipments of medicinal products to pharmacies, authorized warehouses, etc. by distributors, from market participants.

AlphaRM is a team of professionals who have worked in the Russian pharmaceutical market for many years. Our knowledge and experience allow us to provide the following services:

  •  receiving and systematizing the information on all the segments of the Russian pharmaceutical market;
  • categorizing the collected data in as much detail as possible;
  • checking the categorized data most thoroughly;
  • providing our clients and partners with the necessary information in the shortest possible time, in the form of analytical databases in a convenient and functional interface;
  • carrying out any marketing research (quantitative and qualitative).

Due to our knowledge and experience, the team of AlphaRM created a set of analytical tools, making it possible to deliver timely high-quality information about the structure of the pharmaceutical market (in different breakdowns), and to combine them into a unique service. The project makes it possible to cross-reference the characteristics of a pharmacy chain / institution and / or health facilities (type, category, etc.) with the sales of medicinal products in the selected institution, to obtain the maximum detail of sales on regional level.