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08 April 2022г.

По итогам 12-ти недель 2022 года (3 января–27 марта) средняя цена за одну упаковку ЛП составила 271 руб., что больше по отношению к аналогичному периоду предыдущего года на +21%. 

Максимальное значение в 2022-м году приходится на 9-ю неделю (28 февраля–6 марта) – 336 рублей (+49% к W’9 2021 и +24% к W’8 2022). Также к 9-й неделе 2022 года стремительно вы-росли следующие показатели средней цены за 1 упаковку:

The TV coverage of the First channel about immunomodulators

01 November 2017г.

TV coverage "Drink or not to drink... Immunomodulators" on the television programme of First channel "Good Morning" based on AlphaRM data. Thanks to marketing specialists! ;-)

Thank-you letter from First channel to AlphaRM

11 October 2017г.

We are proud to inform you that federal channels highly appreciated the quality of AlphaRM data!

Results of the retail pharmacy market in August 2017

29 September 2017г.

According to the analytical company AlphaRM, the pharmacy market in 2017 reached 726.7 billion rubles based on the results of August, and increased by 12.6% compared with the same period in 2016.

AlphaRM: a positive trend emerges in physical consumption of medicinal products and dietary supplements

18 August 2017г.

The consumer prices’ behavior during the recession is determined by the decline in demand, which slows their growth: the deeper the decline, the lower is the price growth. Devaluation gives the opposite effect: the rise in prices for imported goods, after which the market gradually searches for a new balance. In 2016, in Russia, the primary devaluation effect (2014-2015) was weakened by the drop in market demand and gradually exhausted. As a result, the Russian economy reached consumer inflation of 5.4% (December to December 2015) in 2016, the lowest level in 25 years.